Monday, 18 July 2011

Team Building Linky Party: Class Crossword

This is based on an idea that Jodi from Clutter-Free Classroom had as a back to school activity. I think it would work great as a team-building/getting-to-know-your-class exercise at any time of the year.

Class crossword:
1. Ask the children to tell you one quirky fact about them (a special skill, a pet's name, their first memory, what they're afraid of... anything!)
2. Create a crossword (there are loads of free online crossword generators) with the children's names as the solutions and their quirky facts as the clues.
3. Make a copy for everybody in the class.
* It might be nice to include your own name in it and they could learn something quirky about their teacher too!

Simple as!

I posted this as part of the linky party at Yearn To Learn. Head on over there for more team-building activities.

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