Thursday, 23 April 2015

One to follow: Réalta Ranga

Hi all,

I had to share this blog with you. Réalta Ranga is a brand new source of teaching resources and ideas from a teacher in a gaelscoil. This teacher has experience with both the upper end of primary school as well as the infants. Posts are written as Gaeilge and in English so it's great for those of you who want to do some light reading to keep up your scileanna as Gaeilge. They (sorry, I don't know your name!) also have a TPT store, Facebook page and a Pinterest profile for you to check out.

This new blog has gotten off to a very promising start!

Saturday, 18 April 2015

Climate zones websites for children (QR codes)

Well we made it to the weekend... at last! 

My class is elbow-deep into our current unit of inquiry about how differing climates affect how we live. They are doing lots of research on their iPads about different climate zones. Here's a sheet with QR codes for suitable child-friendly websites related to world climate zones to help guide their research.

Click here or on the image to download from Google Drive for FREE!


Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Free weather-themed bar graph

Hello there! I hope you've all enjoyed the Easter holidays. Back to school now and back to the blog with a quick little freebie for you.

Our current unit of inquiry is all about how weather affects people's lives. This is a worksheet to create a bar graph. There are two versions - one without labels on the x-axis and one with pictures and labels. There is also a sheet with 5 questions about the graph and suggestions for other activities.

Click here or on the image to download.