Saturday, 16 July 2011

One to follow: Ladybug Teacher Files

I was delighted to hear that Kristen (Ladybug's Teacher Files) has reached an impressive 1000 followers.

Her blog is wonderful. It has loads of teacher-related treats - organisation tips, ideas, resources and technology tips. What more could you want?! It would quench the bloggy thirst of even the most serious teaching blog addict's wet dream! This was the first blog that really caught my eye and made me want to start my own teaching blog. It's got some great ideas and resources, is really easy to navigate and is easy on the eye too!

Kristen also runs the Ladybug Teaching Resources blog (click on the button to explore).

In order to celebrate the momentous occasion of surpassing 1,000 followers, Kristen is having a fantastic giveaway where followers and bloggers have the chance to win one of her AMAZING templates. If you would like to enter, just click on the link above!

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  1. Hi! Just found your blog!! Love it! I am your newest follower:)) Stop over and check my blog out:))

    4th Grade Frolics