Saturday, 27 February 2016

Criminal words - overused words - display

We're working on storytelling lately and I wanted something to help build the children's vocabulary and make their writing more interesting. I thought this was a lovely display idea with substitutes for overused words. You can download the banner and the word mats for free from Teacher's Pet. They also have editable "swag bags" so the children can generate their own substitutes and write them on coins. 

Thursday, 18 February 2016

PVA glue trick

Are your children sick of trying to clean cups, pots and glue spreaders with water? Well here's a trick I learned by accident a few years' back. 

Just leave it to dry in, with the spreaders still in the cup. Then simply wiggle the spreaders and pull them out. The dry glue will come out in one clean swoop. You can then throw the glue away and everything else is clean.



Sunday, 7 February 2016

Making rounding more interesting

Hi everyone!

Hope you're enjoying the weekend! 

We're doing rounding (whole numbers) in maths next week and I've been looking around for some resources that could be used to make it a little more interesting!

Then I came across these from

Rounding to the nearest 10:
Images from

Rounding to the nearest 100:
Images from
I know the children in my class will love these. It's great to see something more interesting than just numbers and arrows!

For anybody who's introducing rounding from the start, I found this video from MathCoachInteractive. I like the way it has the balance that tips to the left or right so the number slides - very visual!

Another great find that I'm going to be using is this rounding to 20 poem number line from Twinkl.
This hundred chart with arrows from could also be a handy visual aid for children:
Image from

If you have any other nice rounding activities that have worked for you, please comment below!