Friday, 8 July 2011

Classroom jobs linky party

I'm posting this as part of Mel's (@ Mrs. Dillard 1st Grade) first linky party.

One of the great things about working as a substitute teacher is that you get to see some great ideas for organisation, classroom management, lessons, displays, etc.

Here are some class jobs that I've seen along my travels:

  • Equipment managers
  • Door keeper
  • Messenger (takes notes to the office/ other classrooms)
  • Shelf/Bookcase organiser
  • Playground pals (in older classes, these must look out for the younger children in the yard)
  • Distributors (Give out books/sheets)
  • Collectors (Collect books/sheets)
  • Bell (in many Irish schools, somebody has to ring the hand-held bell for breaks!)
  • Time keeper (for timed activities)
  • Environmental officer (takes care of recycling bins)
  • Substitute (stands in when anybody is absent)
  • Post master (collects the school post and distributes to the teachers)
  • Roll book couriers (take the roll book to the next classroom)
  • MC (greets and introduces guests to the classroom)
  • Closet/cloakroom monitor (makes sure that all coats are hung up properly)
  • IT technician (turns on/off lights, computer, etc. at the start and end of the day)
  • Doorman/doorwoman

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