Sunday, 9 December 2012

One to follow: Nollaig

I've previously posted about my love of the wonderful Seomra Ranga site, on which many of my classroom resources were found! 

Once again, Seomra Ranga's sister site, Nollaig Shona (that means "Merry Christmas" to any non-Irish people reading this!) is back in full swing for the festive season. There, you'll find plenty of printables, PowerPoints, quizzes, links to other online resources, Christmas craft ideas, lined paper and much more! You can download some quality resources as Gaeilge. For anyone out there who's not from Ireland, don't be misguided. Most of the resources are in English or universal!

Here are some of my favourites from the site:

Letter to Santa vocabulary flashcards.

The gazillion Christmas-themed lined pages for creative writing.

The "If You Don't Believe You Don't Receive" poster for children who may be inclined to voice suspicions which are best not heard by all pupils. 

Christmas Origami including Santa Claus, a reindeer, a bell, a Christmas wreath and a star.

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Thursday, 6 December 2012

Subtraction Loop Cards FREEBIE

Hi all,

Apologies for not having posted as regularly as I used to. I find I'm spreading work between my school computer and my work computer and don't seem to think about uploading things as much. Also, as my current unit of inquiry is very specific to the local area, I don't really see the point in posting the resources as I can't imagine most of them will be of use to any of you!

Anyway, here's a nice little freebie to tide you over for a while. It's a subtraction loop game similar to the addition one I posted previously. I have a "How Fast Can You Go?" chart on the wall to accompany it. I blu-tack an A4 page to it each week to record their best times. It's been 12 weeks and the children love it. In fact, they get quite upset if we don't get around to this on a given day! 

Just click here or on the image below to download from Google Drive.