Friday, 8 July 2011

Free rewards for good behaviour

Following a quick search of behaviour management websites, here's a list of some FREE rewards for individuals and groups...

Free rewards for individuals:
  • 5 minute walk break
  • 5 minutes computer time
  • Sit with a friend
  • Homework voucher
  • Swap own chair for comfier one
  • A mystery prize posted to them
  • Reading to/being class assistant for a younger class
  • 10 minutes reading from the library
  • Being first (in line to go out, to present something, to have a go in PE, choose art supplies, etc.)
  • Choosing a class activity
  • Free choice time at the end of the day
  • Good phonecall/note/certificate home
  • Free ticket for parent to a school event
  • Draw a picture to illustrate a class book as the teacher reads
  • Have a positive visit to the principal
  • Keep a stuffed animal on their desk for a day
  • Operate the remote if using a PowerPoint in a lesson
  • Teach the class a favourite game
  • Take home a class book/game for a night
  • Write with a special pen for the day
  • Sit on the class cushion for a class/morning/day/week (buy a really tacky, sequined one!)

Free rewards for groups:
  • Game of charades/hangman
  • No homework
  • Eating lunch outdoors
  • Holding class outside
  • Listening to music while working
  • Dancing to a song
  • Free choice time at the end of the day
  • A book read aloud to the class by the teacher
For more ideas on classroom management, head on over to Miss Kindergarten's Classroom Management Linky Party by clicking the button below.

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