Wednesday, 29 May 2013

End of year advice book

Hi there,

Once again, I apologise for my absenteeism. Perhaps this summer, I'll stick to a more regular blogging schedule. I've had this one in my drafts since last summer but I thought I'd wait until the next end of school year to post it. It's a handy one for the last week of school!


Rachel at Sub Hub had a great idea for allowing your students to reflect on their school year, while simultaneously preparing a little welcome gift for next year's children. 

It's this little book:

It contains pages for the children to list what they've learned, draw diagrams and point out the best, funniest, scariest bits about their school year. I think it's a really sweet idea and plan to try it out this year. Click on the image of the book to download it for FREE from her Teachers Pay Teachers store.