Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Prepare Your Classroom for the Price of a Pint: MATHS EDITION

Welcome to the maths edition of "Prepare Your Classroom for the Price of a Pint" where I'm going to give you suggestions on how to spend a little and have your maths area bright and ready for the start of the school year. As always, I have included lots of freebies at the bottom of this post. If you're not looking to spend any money on maths posters, just hop down to that part and grab the freebies! Don't forget to check out A Crucial Week again next Tuesday for the final part of this series - the English edition.

This post totals to $4.50 (about €4.15)  for the older classes and $5.75 (about €5.30) for the younger classes.

The first one is a unique poster set that I came across a while back. It's an alphabet poster set with maths vocabulary made by Little Lovely Leaders for $2.50. It would be absolutely perfect for a maths-only classroom. However, I think this would look great in a maths corner of a mainstream or learning support classroom (maybe printed at 50% or 25% to fit them in if you are stuck for space!). 

"A mathematician is someone who..." posters from Kaitlynn Albani.  - €1 There are two versions of this poster - a male and a female.

This one is a must-have for the younger end of primary school. These posters have touch spot numbers, tally marks, ten frames, base ten blocks and words. So many ways of representing a number on one poster.


And now that you've seen what you can buy for the price of a pint, here are some things you don't need to spend anything on to acquire. Get downloading!

This one is free to make and you can just type it up or stencil it. TIP: Search for "display lettering" on Twinkl and you will find a myriad of patterned and themed lettering for creating headings or parts of displays.
Image source: Angela Silverwood via Clasdisplays.co.uk
If you don't have space for that one, you can download a printable version from Teacher's Pet. It's A4 but you could enlarge it to A3 on a photocopier and display it somewhere central for handy reference.

There's also this version of the same idea from Barnard Island. I think I may be printing this one in September! Apologies for the teeny tiny previews. Click on bigger image to see the previews better.

If you'd like to display word problem strategies, check out these posters from Réalta Ranga. There's an English version and a set as Gaeilge.

It's a good idea to display number resources in a variety of forms to suit different types of learners. In my school we use Numicon which I have found to be fantastic for my visual learners. They offer lots of free resources on their site including these number lines.
Image source: Numicon.co.nz

Here is another bright number line. This free to download set by Keri Brown contains a number line with ten frames and very cute alphabet posters. 

Again for the little ones, why not create a classroom calendar board? I used this owl-themed classroom birthdays display from Halle Hird in Across the Hall in 2nd Grade and this lovely owl-themed calendar set from Apple Girl Amber. 

Here's how they looked on the display board in my classroom (with a heading from Sparklebox).

Check out these "greater than" and "less than" posters are great visual aids from Ms. Forde's Classroom. Pick them up for free here.

I've had these odd and even posters from Step Into Second Grade in my classroom for the past few years. Click here to download them from her blog.

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