Monday, 31 August 2015

Boggle Board Freebie

I love using Boggle as an activity for early finishers or as a game during indoor play on rainy days. In the past, I've had a Boggle board permanently on display on one side of the board. This year I didn't want to make space for that so I decided to make a table top version.

I had been collecting the plastic caps from milk and juice cartons since I moved into my current apartment. I didn't even know why I was collecting them but that's the problem with being a teacher - we HOARD! I knew they'd come into use some day. I didn't even think about it. I just had a plastic container in the cupboard above my shelf and threw one in each time I washed out a carton for recycling.

I've laminated these boards and keep will them in the "Boggle" drawer with my bottle top letters of the alphabet and some sand timers. The children pick out the bottle tops at random and place them on the board. They know that they need a mixture of consonants and vowels. I've written the consonants on the white tops and the vowels on the coloured ones. If all your bottle tops are the same colour, you could write vowels in a different coloured pen to the consonants.

You can download the board and answer sheets for free from my TPT store. 

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