Sunday, 30 August 2015

Get Your Desktop Ready

No, not your computer, literally the top of your desk! Here are 4 useful things to keep nearby as points of reference. You could laminate them and stick them on to the surface of your desk, put them on a noticeboard near you or put them in a file of "go to" resources that you keep near your desk.

This post was inspired by some freebies in Ms Forde's Classroom's TPT store so I'll start with those!

Briathra Neamhrialta - Irregular verbs (questions and answer in positive and negative form)

Prepositional pronouns glance card:Ag, ar, le, as, do, ó, roimh, de
#3: Another handy one from the PDST are these examples of phrases you can use as Gaeilge at each age level. Click here to download it.

#4: This question card based on Bloom's Taxonomy to make sure you ask a variety of lower and higher order questions (and everything in between!). Thanks to Gareth at Not Just Any Brick in the Wall for sharing it in a very interesting post (do go and have a read!).

...And as we're on the topic of desk space, I highly encourage you to go and get a unit with 5 drawers and label them Monday through Friday. I did this for the first time last year and it has made such a difference to the tidiness of my desk! 

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  1. I must get some of those drawers this year...good idea!