Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Cinderella Dance Choreography Lesson Materials

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Clip art from phillipmartin.com
My class is currently studying the theme of "Cinderella Around the World" as part of our "How We Express Ourselves" unit of inquiry. In the next two P.E. lessons the children will choreograph their own dances. There will be five groups, with each group telling a part of the story.

I have created this sheet to cut in 5 and give to each group. It gives the number of their dance (in order), a description of what is happening and a QR code leading to the music I wish for them to use. My children all have iPads so they can rehearse with their own music. However, if you'd like to use this music to do another sort of activity, the sheet also contains links to the videos so you can play them from your own laptop/mobile device.

Click here to download it for free from Google Drive.


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