Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Teaching time

Below are some classroom activities and resources for teaching time in fun and interactive ways.

"Bang on Time" is a great activity for helping children to get used to reading analogue clocks. It generates a time in words and the children have to click "stop the clock" when the hands are in the right position. You can adjust the speed as required. 

There are lots of activities for practicing time-related skills on IXL.com for all age levels. They are based on the Irish national maths curriculum and are divided according to class level. You'll find TONNES of maths activities, nicely grouped by class-level and topic on this site.

Comparing clocks. This activity from TES iboard has plenty of scope for reinforcement activities. There are two clocks with moveable handles. You could have children race to put the hands at a certain time. TES recommend using it for duration, i.e. you show a time on one clock, call out a duration and the children have to show the end time on the second clock. There is a single clock version of it here.

Reading timetables: I found this drag and drop activity through scoilnet.ie for allowing children to self-assess their timetable-reading skills.

This loop game (suited for middle/senior classes) from Super Teacher Worksheets involves reading clock faces and calling out digits. 

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