Friday, 2 March 2012

My kids are obsessed with!

I can't believe I haven't blogged about Mangahigh before. I came across this site  on during Maths Week 2011. Teachers can sign up for free, upload their children's names and generate usernames and passwords. Teachers can then let the children play the maths games and set specific challenges. The challenges are well laid-out as they are based on the Irish curriculum and organised by strand and strand unit. You can also change the target level (gold, silver and bronze) for individuals/groups of children. 

The children in my class absolutely love it and beg to use it during their computer time in school. I have used it to set homework but don't any more as many children do not have internet access. I have noticed, from checking on the teacher's page, that many children use it almost daily at home. They often come in to school and ask me if I could set a new/higher challenge for them. I love this enthusiasm.

Anyway, I'd definitely recommend this to any teacher. It doesn't take long to register, it's totally free and the children are mad about it.

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