Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Class blog spotlight: Greenlanes N.S.

"Class Blog Spotlight" is a new feature where I'll be blogging about class blogs that I think are worth checking out. 

First in line is Mr. Denis Moynihan's 4th/5th class at Greenlanes N.S. in Clontarf, Dublin. This blog has pictures of some beautiful, well-thought out displays and fun revision games for the children to play, for example Sum Sense and The Blobz Guide to Electric Circuits (below). It's a relatively new blog, having started in January of this year. It's looking very good so far!

One post that stood out to me (especially seeing as I currently teach children around the same age) is the "Descriptive Writing" post. The children began by sticking photographs onto paper and extending the pictures. They then wrote descriptive pieces about their partner's extended picture. Have a look at this picture on the left to see the results!

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