Thursday, 29 March 2012

How to make beanbags (from old tights and rice)

This is ridiculously simple. You don't even have to be really good at sewing.

What you need:

  • One (clean!) pair of tights
  • Two fistfuls of dried rice (or lentils)
  • Pins
  • One needle
  • Thread (the same colour as the tights)
  • Scissors
Step 1: Cut the toe off the tights. This will act as the bag.
Step 2: Turn inside-out and pin the open edges together.
Step 3: Sew these edges, apart from a gap (to allow enough room to fill with the dry mix).
Step 4: Turn the bag the correct way around (outside-in) and fill most of the way with the dried rice (leave a little bit of space so that the finished product can still be squished.
Step 5: Sew up the gap.

Alternatively, you could make square ones like these from, just click on the picture below to link to the page:

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