Monday, 5 September 2011

Shape & space memory game FREEBIE

Today's freebie could be used to integrate maths and P.E. It's a memory game that involves plenty of running so it could be useful as a warm-up/cool down in a P.E. lesson. Here's how it works:

To prepare: 
Print out these templates (click here to view/download in Google Docs) on four different colours of paper. Each set needs 32 shapes (one with an "x," one without). Laminate them so they'll last for a long time!

To set the game up:
Place four cones in a line as the starting point for four teams.
Lay out 8 hula hoops in a giant semi-circle in front of the starting cones.
Place two shapes of each colour (WITH "x"s) in each hoop.
Place the copies of the shapes (WITHOUT "x"s) in a pile beside the starting cones

How the game runs:
1. Divide the children into 4 groups and assign a colour to each group.
2. Each group stands in a line behind the starting cone.
3. The first person takes a shape and has to run around and find the matching shape of the same colour. They then run back and show it to you. When you confirm that they're identical shapes, they place the shapes in front of their cone.
4. The next person may then go.
(As it's a sort of relay, only four people should be running at any one time.)
The first team to line up the matching shapes in front of their cone (all "x"s in one line, all plain shapes in another line, with matching shapes side-by-side) are the winners.

If you're Irish:
Subject: Maths
Strand: Shape and space
Strand Unit: 2-D shapes
Integration: P.E.

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