Saturday, 3 September 2011

Reminder: Assessment Linky Party

Hello there, followers and stumblers,
Just a reminder that I am hosting an assessment linky party. There, you can share ideas for how to assess children, formally, informally and in a variety of other ways. There are only 11 days left before submissions end so, hop on over there and join in if you have something to share! :)

Here's what my entry was: Two Stars and a Wish:

Two Stars is very simple to use. The children write down two things (stars) they learned about the topic they're covering and one thing (wish) they would like to find out about it. It usually leads to some very interesting "wishes" so be prepared to be surprised!

Click on the image above to view in Google Docs.

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  1. Thank you for the sweet comment! I am glad you could use the rounding ideas. I love "Two Stars and a Wish"!!! I learned about it a few years ago, and it works beautifully. Thank you for sharing this printable.