Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Summer crafting, owl-themed!

I must confess. I have been making things for my classroom already. I saw some cute mixed pattern owls on Pinterest about two years ago and had forgotten about them. I was reminded again when I found this patterned paper in Tiger a few months back. I bought it on impulse and put it in my wardrobe for a summer project. 

Being in Ireland with most people my age long-gone from the town, what better way to pass some time than making some owls?

Here's what I did:

I've been making and downloading lots of owl-themed things for my classroom. I thought it'd be better to cut out  lots of display materials when I'm watching TV or sitting in the sunshine rather than when I'm focused on planning at the start of the school year. Watch this space for more owl-themed resources!


  1. I'm also really keen on doing an owl theme in my class this year - they're just so cute and colourful! Love the owls you made, it would be great if you could put up any links of images or displays you find :)

  2. Absolutely, Emily. I have a Pinterest board (search A Crucial Week or Emer Downing and you'll find me) for owl-themed ideas. Keep an eye on this blog for more!