Saturday, 19 July 2014

Quick and easy self-assessment in the classroom

One of my aims for this coming school year is to provide more opportunities for the children to reflect on their learning and assess themselves. I'm working on creating a reflection area in the classroom.

This is the first item I have made for it. These are self-assessment posters. I'm going to staple the oval posters on a wide ribbon under the heading to create a hanging display. They would also work nicely on a bulletin board.

I chose 4 levels based on Marzano's Levels of Understanding:

4. I'm an expert! (I can help another person.)
3. I understand! (I don't need help!)
2. I kind of understand (but I need some help.)
1. I don't understand (I need help!)

I have also made two pupil self-assessment sheets based on the posters - one in colour and one in black and white for easy photocopying.

The posters and self-assessment sheets are available to download from my Teachers Pay Teachers store for $2.50. 

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