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Rugby World Cup 2019 Teaching Resources including FREEBIES!

I'm very excited about the Rugby World Cup. It's starting on 20th September and running until 2nd November. Here I've gathered some resources so you can celebrate the Rugby World Cup with your class in school. First I'll show you some of the resources I've made. Scroll down to the second part of this post for free resources!

Due to its popularity in previous years, I have updated this resource pack with lots of things to decorate your classroom (in particular, the RWC bunting would be a great first day back to school / golden time activity to  brighten up your classroom) and some different resources and ideas for various subject levels. I've also got a page in there with links to other good resources I have found.

The maths activities included in the pack are quite challenging so I would say that this pack is most suited to upper primary/elementary school.

The pack includes:
  • A heading and posters displaying the 4 pools
  • Flashcards with each of the participating countries' names and flags
  • Bunting with black and white versions of the participating countries' flags for the children to decorate - a very easy display to create and it would make your classroom/corridors very festive!
  • An 8-page research project template - This could be used in class or as a homework task. The idea is that the children choose (independently or randomly select from a hat!) one of the participating countries to study in depth.
  • Two maths loop games (one is based on the 5 times tables, the other is quite challenging!)
  • A rugby-based maths target game (this one's a good challenge!)
  • A table quiz about the RWC (with answers!) and an answer sheet for the children
  • Language, drama, PE, music, art and history lesson ideas.
  • Useful links to other resources that might be helpful
The pack is just $3 (that's less than €3!). If you wish to purchase it, pop over to my TPT store by clicking here.

Here's a pic of some of the kit already in use in some schools in Ireland (thanks, Sandra and Timmy for the pics!)

And here is the start of the RWC corner (work in progress) in my classroom.
(Note: The "We can greet each other..." poster is not part of the RWC resource pack)

For Irish teachers, a version as Gaeilge is available in my TPT store for the same price. This could be very useful for teachers in gaelscoileanna or if you choose to do "caitheamh aimsire" as your téama in September or October.
(To clarify, I've only translated the materials that the children will use and the questions for the tráth na gceist. The teaching ideas and instructions are still written in English.)

I have also created a Rugby World Cup Fixtures Wall Calendar which is available in my TPT store for just $1! Irish teachers, I've also created a leagan Gaeilge (version in the Irish language) for the same price. 


Discover different country's war dances: 
Show them videos with this YouTube playlist. Have your class choreograph their own version of a haka.

Have the students find participating countries on a map:
Here's the one we did in my class. If you'd like the heading, grab it for free from my Drive here. I printed that on card, found an image of the world to print on A3 and glued it on.

The BAZILLIONS of resources on Ruggerland:
I can't recommend Ruggerland's teacher resource section highly enough. This site is jam-packed full of RWC-themed resources that span lots of curricular areas. And best of all, everything on there is free! Get browsing - you won't regret it!

Here are some of my favourites from Ruggerland:

Design their own Mascot:
Introduce your students to Ren-G, the official Rugby World Cup 2019 mascot. They could read some information about Ren-G on the official RWC website or watch this cute video. Have your class design their own mascot for this year's world cup or maybe one for the 2023 RWC trying to incorporate something from French culture.
History of Rugby Reading Comprehension:
It does what it says on the tin! Check out this lovely freebie from Top Teaching Tasks. It includes great graphic organisers and higher order thinking tasks.

Have a quiz about Japan...
...with All Blacks' captain Kieran Read on the amazing Ruggerland website.

Get playing!
If you're in an Irish school, check out Aldi Play Rugby - you can register your school for free by clicking here. Find out more about it on Aldi's website from the man on Superman's pyjamas. If you're in another country, check out your national team's website to see if they offer programmes for schools.

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