Wednesday, 25 November 2015

IT room makeover part 2

Hi all,

I've been up the walls busy lately (literally!). One of the things ticked off my "to do" list is finishing the IT room displays. Here's what I've been up to since I last wrote about it.

I really enjoyed putting up this timeline. I decided to do it as a wavy line rather than a straight one to make it a bit more interesting. This is part of an IT room decor set I made during the summer. In case you're wondering, the bird templates are to preserve the lives of the birds who mistakenly fly towards their own reflection and meet their end!

 And here are close-ups of the start and the end!

These other posters like the welcome sign, "Caution: Coders at Work" and reminders to save, click undo or think before you post are also part of the IT room decor kit that I made.

And here are the keyboard shortcuts, coding (Scratch) and robotics displays that I posted about the last time. Click here to view that post.

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