Monday, 1 June 2015

On buying something I didn't need

I have a problem. I really do. I can't seem to resist anything purple and owl-patterned. Combine the two and there's no escaping! 

Over the Easter holidays, I was back in Ireland, trawling through Penney's (that's Primark for my non-Irish readers), ready to fill the rest of my suitcase to the 15kg weight limit. I stumbled upon this lovely purple, owl-patterned coffee flask. It was only €3 - a steal! Just look how cute it is!

That all seems pretty normal, doesn't it? The problem is that I don't drink coffee... or tea... and there's no way I'd bring hot chocolate anywhere in the flask. So that renders it pretty much pointless for me. I put it up on top of my microwave so I could admire it in the kitchen. Again, still pointless! Then I had an idea... Why don't I turn it into a pen holder?

Ah I see, the pens are lost in there. It wouldn't be easy to get them out.

Then I thought for a minute, bounded over to the recycle bin and returned with a scrunched up ball of paper.

Bam! Problem solved! Now my pens are easily grab-able!

After having written this post, I'm not sure how much more enriched your life will be by my earth-shattering revelation. By all means, if any of you do pop down to Penney's (or Primark) and make a pen holder out of a coffee cup for your home or classroom, be sure to comment with a picture!

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