Thursday, 18 September 2014

Healthy Teeth: Rethink Your Drink activity

Hello there,

This idea is not mine. I blatantly robbed it from the following picture I found on Pinterest.

Image source: Pinterest

 Here's how we did it in my classroom:

I gave the children a number of different bottles/cans/cartons of drinks. I asked them to put them in order from what they thought contained the least amount of sugar to the most. There were lots of different ideas about this and it prompted some good discussion.

We looked at how you can find out how much sugar there is by checking out the label. The children then weighed out this amount of sugar and we displayed it in a plastic bag in front of the drink. We then reordered the items and discussed our thoughts.

Finally, we shared our learning by presenting these findings at the school assembly. (For any Mary I students out there, you'll be glad to hear that the wonderful "Brush Your Teeth" song made an appearance. I still can't get ch-ch-ch-ch ch-ch-ch-ch-ch out of my head!)

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