Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Freebies: Resources for using commas in a list

I came across this lovely "silly sentences" resource on Seomra Ranga and knew I wanted to use it at some point. It contains parts to construct sentences, following a cleverly-created colour map. The flashcards are colour-coded accordingly. 

Did I think to download his other versions of this wonderful resource from here and here? Nope! I got a little carried away with an idea. I decided to make some of my own bits and pieces to add to it so that I could use vocabulary that I'm sure my pupils know. I also added in a few more nouns (which I could have found if I saw the other two versions on Seomra Ranga). 

As we are currently focusing on the use of commas in a list. I created some comma and "and" flashcards too.

I tried them out today and the children LOVED the activity. They were falling around laughing at their crazy sentences, meanwhile helping one another to put the commas in the correct place.

You can download my additions (related to commas and with some extra vocabulary) for free by clicking here. Be sure to check out the originals from Seomra Ranga too!

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