Thursday, 7 August 2014

Freebie finds

Hi all,

Here are some freebies I found that I'll be using in my classroom this year.

Let's start with my favourite, this owl-themed classroom birthdays display from Halle Hird in Across the Hall in 2nd Grade. I love how each owl is dressed appropriately for the month. Of course I was delighted to see an Irish-themed owl (complete with a THREE-LEAFED shamrock - kudos to you Halle!) for March.

Next is this lovely owl-themed calendar set from Apple Girl Amber. The set contains many colour varieties. I chose one with black numbers as I feel they are easier to read.

I found this free action cycle poster (for IB teachers!) on the PYP section of Mrs. Nicole Calderbank's Teach Love blog.

This very sweet owl-themed "I love reading!" poster is available for free at Kelly Benefield's TPT store.

This giant, pencil-shaped "What do writers write?" poster inspired by Cara at The First Grade Parade is available as a free download from Lindsey AKA The Teacher's Wife.

These key concepts posters (another for IB teachers!) came from Ms. Murdoch's store on TPT.

These writing process posters, designed to be used as a clip chart were created and shared for free by The Teacher Wears Prada. I'm going to find a pencil template and attach this to pegs for the children to place their peg at their current stage in the writing process.

And, as always, I have raided Sparklebox's supplies of owl-themed banners. I'll probably be using "Whoo's in our class?" "Our class birthdays" and "Our class promises."

A huge, huge thank you to all of the teachers who have provided these resources free of charge!

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