Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Tiger: Stationary Heaven for teachers, parents and crafty types!

Being a self-declared stationary and craft supply addict, I often get jealous, reading American teaching blogs. They seem to have so many places to buy stationary at incredibly cheap prices. I found it very difficult to find affordable materials when I moved to Italy. Then, last year, a Tiger Store opened in my city and my crafting life changed. I will warn you in advance, the Penney's/Primark Effect may take a hold of you and you will leave the shop with your arms full every time!

The shop has all sorts of things. It reminds me of a pound shop but the items are much better quality and, most importantly, oh so cute! In there, you'll find craft supplies, fancy dress items, toys, cosmetics, bicycle accessories, kitchen things and much more.

Irish teachers, there are 10 shops in the country.
Other readers, they have 317 shops across 21 countries.

You're welcome (for the wonders you'll buy) and I'm sorry (for your new addiction)!

Look at all that ribbon!

This would be great for a reading corner. I think it costs about €15.

Storage boxes galore:

These big foam dice are great for maths activities and classroom games.

And I couldn't resist these watermelon flip flops!

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