Friday, 11 July 2014

The owl-themed crafting continues - paper lantern owl display

As you've probably noticed from my previous post, I've gone a little owl-mad this summer. Taking inspiration from Pinterest, I decided to make a 3-D sign for my reading corner. 

Quite often, when I make something crafty, it doesn't turn out exactly how I planned it. This was one of those occasions. The phrase "Pinterest fail" (if you haven't already Googled that term, you're in for a treat!) kept springing to mind. 

Originally I had planned to use 4 owls - 2 multicoloured and 2 blue, reading "We love to read!" - but one just wouldn't work. It ripped, it fell out of shape and ended up being a horrible patchwork thing full of staples, glue and tape. Eventually, I threw it in the bin - a much better place for it! Now, my 3-piece owl display reads "We love books." 
Please ignore the drippy glue. It will dry in clear!

I've learned from my mistakes and offer these tips for future paper-lantern-crafters!

  • Make sure the lantern is made from strong paper that won't rip if pulled firmly.

  • Get the type of lanterns that have a plastic or metal piece running from top to bottom to hold its shape; otherwise you'll end up with a saggy, rugby-ball shape after some time!

  • If it's really not working, bin it and start again!

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