Monday, 30 January 2012

Peer assessment rubric: Procedural writing

I have been working on procedural writing with my class for the last few weeks using the following topics:

  • How to play maths games on
  • How to make a sandwich/hot chocolate
  • How to make something (arts and crafts) from recycled materials
  • Recipes (sweet, savoury, imaginative and disgusting)
  • Magic Tricks (They LOVED this one!)

This week I'm going to do "How to make a St. Bridget's Day cross" and "How to play Stuck in the Mud." Other ideas for this type of writing are science experiments, make up a new game and accompany with instructions and photographs/illustrations (this last one is great for groupwork)...

Here's a peer-assessment rubric that I have created so that pairs can evaluate one another's procedural writing pieces. Just click on the image below to view/download in Google Docs.

There are some more great free procedural writing resources at It's definitely worth checking those out! I particularly like the transitional words list for senior classes. You could use this as part of a rubric and set it out at the start of the class - "Make sure you use at least four phrases from the transitional words list."

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