Wednesday, 11 January 2012

History of T.V. freebies from

Wow, I can't believe it has been nearly a month since I last posted! Things were a bit mad towards the end of the term, getting our winter show piece ready and I then took a well-deserved and well-needed break from all things teaching-related for a fortnight. Anyway, the new term has started and I hope to blast back into the blogosphere again!

Today, I stumbled upon the schools section of the Irish Saorview (digital T.V. service) site. For those teaching in Irish schools, it's definitely worth having a look at the history of Irish television resources, in particular:

And if you're interested in thematic planning. Here are some ideas for integration:
Report writing after conducting the survey (above), reading/ writing reviews of T.V. programmes
Téama: An teilifís
Strand: Data, strand unit: representing and interpreting data (if using the survey above); Strand: Measures, strand unit: time (reading television timetables)
Strand: Human Environments; Strand units: People living and working in the local area,
People living and working in a contrasting part of Ireland (sub-unit: Transport & communication)
Strand: Energy and forces; Strand units: Magnetism and electricity, sound
Drama/oral language:
Activity as described in the "worksheets for a survey" link above
Strand: Listening and responding (to music in silent movies), Strand: composing (jingles for T.V. adverts(
Visual arts:
Strand: Construction, Strand unit: Making constructions (Construct a television set for the activity described in the "worksheets for a survey" link above) 
Strand: Paint and colour, Strand unit: Making paintings (Design a cover for the RTÉ Guide)
Strand: Myself and the wider world, Strand unit: Media education

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