Monday, 22 August 2011

Teacher Week 2011: Meet The Teacher Monday

I'm taking part in "Teacher Week 2011" over at Blog Hoppin', a new blog created to connect blogs, share links and pinpoint some of the best ideas on teaching blogs. Click on the image, right, to view the details.  

(As I'm a new teacher, I won't be participating in Tuesday or Wednesday. Check back here for Thursday and Friday's posts though!)

So, as it's "Meet the Teacher Monday," here's and introduction to me...

I'm an NQT (newly qualified teacher), having just graduated from teacher training college in my native Ireland. I'm currently on the (so far unsuccessful) job-hunt but am hopeful that I'll get my own class soon. If worse comes to worse, I'll work as a substitute teacher and perhaps volunteer in schools/other projects. 

Though I have another blog under my real name, I've decided to do this teaching blog under the pseudonym, Baggy Trousers (stolen from The Madness song - I wanted a school-related username). 

I got hooked on hopping around teacher blogs while unemployed at the start of the summer and decided to start posting myself. I'm really enjoying finding other people's creative ideas and sharing some of my own. I've turned into a complete nerd and get great satisfaction from looking at my stats and seeing my number of followers rise (slowly, but surely).

Thanks for reading and please have look around! If you like what you see, click the follow button!

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