Sunday, 20 September 2015

Using the RWC to promote international-mindedness

The Rugby World Cup provides excellent opportunities for allowing children to explore other cultures and to develop tolerance and respect for their traditions.

The 2015 RWC got underway last Friday and the children in my class are very excited to follow it. Each of them picked a team out of a hat and they're going to record their teams' scores on our class chart.

It's also an idea to get your students to carry out a research project into the country of their choice and then present it to their class. I've got a template in this resource pack but you could always make your own. I was delighted to see that Ms. Forde's Classroom has already completed these projects and stuck my resources up. Don't they look lovely?

The traditional pre-match war dances from countries like Fiji, Samoa and New Zealand are always so interesting for children. You could get the children to invent their own war dance. I've created this playlist on YouTube that includes these dances, among other child-friendly rugby videos from the official RWC channel.

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