Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Prepare Your Classroom for the Price of a Pint: ENGLISH EDITION

Welcome to the English edition of "Prepare Your Classroom for the Price of a Pint." I'm bringing you subject-specific suggestions for filling your classroom walls for under a tenner. Again, if you're not interested in paying for resources, there are loads of freebies at the bottom of this post!

For this one I've chosen just two items that amount to $6 (about €5.50). Think of how easily you could blow €5.50 on something pointless. These two items (along with the tonne of freebies at the end) could give you a good headstart on getting your classroom ready quickly.

Off we go!

Reading comprehension strategy posters from Ms. Jacobs' Little Learners - $3.50
It's very hard to find a pretty set of these that uses British English spelling of visualisation and summarising. I think it would be worth spending this much on a set like this as it's something that's applicable to many class levels and it's a staple that you can refer to daily.

"Are you a capital letter detective?" display from A Crucial Week - $2.50
This one does as it says on the tin. It's a set of posters with reminders of when to use capital letters. It's a very useful point of reference for the children to use when self-correcting their writing.

And when you've finished spending the price of a pint or you don't want to spend anything, check out these freebies to brighten up your classroom and create a print-rich environment.

These writing process posters, designed to be used as a clip chart were created and shared for free by The Teacher Wears Prada. I put the children's names on pencil clip art and stuck them to pegs. You can see how it looked in the photo below.

This giant pencil is from The Teacher Wife is famous online. You've probably seen it in a lot of classroom pictures on Pinterest. In fact, here it is in my classroom (along with the capital letter detective display from above):

This wonderful display of "criminal words" i.e. overused words such as "said," "went" and "walked" from Teacher's Pet.  You can download this for free here.

This very sweet owl-themed "I love reading!" poster is available for free at Kelly Benefield's TPT store.

This story elements poster set from Primary Polka Dots would be fantastic for a younger or middle primary school class.

I'm definitely going to download this free prefix and suffix poster set from Rachael Parlett. It's a whopping 19 page set. Oh, and it's pirate-themed!

If you've got a young class, these are two very simple AND EXTREMELY ADORABLE posters to remind them about the difference between fiction and non-fiction. Thanks to Hayley O'Connor for sharing it for free.

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