Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Prepare Your Classroom for the Price of a Pint: GAEILGE EDITION

Welcome to the first edition of "Prepare Your Classroom for the Price of a Pint." Today's Gaeilge edition totals to about €6.43 (which is closer to the price of a pint in Temple Bar or a long drink/cocktail elsewhere). I couldn't resist sacrificing the alliteration though! 

Anyway, think of how easily you could spend €7 on something you don't need. Here are some other ways you could spend it more selflessly. There are also loads of FREEBIE suggestions down at the bottom of the post so if you don't want to spend money on your classroom, skip down there!

Click on any of the images to download!

This doubles as a handy back to school activity... and it really fills up the walls!

Available in 3 different colours - bright chevron, Irish tricolour and black with polka dots.

Bright, pretty and incredibly useful for remembering when you need to put a h or an uru! I wish these were in my classroom when I was in primary school!


And now that you've spent the price of a drink, never fear - here are some wonderfully FREE resources to fill up your walls with Gaeilge!

These foghraíocht posters from Seomra Ranga are absolutely brilliant for remembering how to pronounce different letter combinations as Gaeilge. There are lots of different versions up there. They were very helpful when I was teaching 5th class.

These lovely labels made by Perfect for Primary are available as a free download on Mash.ie. 

Here are some bilingual number posters and a cute cupcake birthday display from Perfect for Primary:


And these are a bunch of miscellaneous freebies as Gaeilge from me!


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