Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Share your class blog with Seas Suas

Seas Suas is a new website created by Simon Lewis and Nigel Lane. It has been designed to collate lots of school and class blogs from Irish primary schools. It then links the blog posts according to categories.

It's very simple to get involved:
1. Go to Add Our School and sign your school/class up (it’s free!).
2. Continue to make blog posts as normal on your school/class blog.
3. Seas Suas will keep an eye on your blog and when one one your posts falls into one of our categories, your post will appear on Seas Suas, linked back to your blog.

It's a great way of giving your class/school a voice and having an Irish audience here it. If you have a school/class blog, check it out for yourself and think about getting involved!

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