Monday, 17 July 2017

IB PYP and MYP posters in French

Well hello there,

I hope you're all enjoying summer (or winter, depending on which hemisphere you're in!).

As promised, I've made some IB MYP poster sets in French. Each of the sets are available in my TPT store individually but if you want all of them, be sure to get the above bumper poster kit and save $2 in the process!

The 72-page bumper poster kit contains:
*Les contextes mondiaux (Global Contexts)
*Les concepts clés du PEI (Key Concepts)
*Les savoire-être de l’IB (IB Attitudes)
*Les groupes de matières du PEI (MYP Curriculum Subjects)
*Les approches de l’apprentissage (ATL skills)

*Profile de l’apprenant de l’IB (IB Learner Profile)

There are also English and Spanish versions of all of these sets in my TPT store.

Just a note that the Learner Profile and Attitudes poster sets would also be suitable for older children in PYP schools. They're intentionally a lot less cutesy and childish than the other PYP resources I made. Click on the images below if you'd like to purchase either of those.

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