Friday, 2 June 2017

IB MYP Bumper Poster Kit in Spanish

This is for all of you MYP Spanish teachers out there! I've just put together several sets of MYP posters in Spanish and added them to my TPT store.

This 80-page IB MYP poster pack contains the following sets:

  • El Currículo del PAI
  • Enfoques del Aprendizaje
  • Actitudes del IB
  • Los Contextos Globales (2 versions - pastel / world flag frames)
  • Conceptos Clave del PAI
  • Perfil de la Comunidad de Aprendizaje

All of the poster sets are available individually too. The total cost of all of them is $12. If you purchase this bumper kit, you can save $2.

For anybody looking for MYP resources/posters in French... They're coming to you this summer!

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