Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Star Wars Classroom Management Clip Charts and Decor Kit

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I hope you are all enjoying August. Clip charts are one of my favourite behaviour management strategies. The concept is so simple. Each child has a clothes peg clipped to it. They all begin in the "Ready to Learn" section every day. Depending on their choices, they must move their peg up or down throughout the day. In my school, we use the same clip chart in all elementary classrooms and it works really well.

I've created two Star Wars-themed clip charts - one in English and one as Gaeilge (in the Irish language). If you'd like to get either, they're available for $2 (roughly €1.80) in my TPT store. Click on either of the images below to view them in the store.

I've also made this Star Wars-themed classroom decoration kit. It contains the following resources:
Page 3: "The force is strong in this class" sign
4-10: Class calendar - days and numbers 1-31 (plus editable squares)
11-12: Days of the week
13-15: "Yesterday was," "Today is" and "Tomorrow will be" signs
16-19: Months of the year
20-26: Word wall headers ("Word Wall" and each letter "Aa" "Bb")
27-33: Welcome banner (pennant-style)
34-37: Classroom management clip-chart (as above - in English)
38-43: Table numbers (1-6)
44-50: How we go home (Header, After-school club, Day care, Walking, Bus, Bicycle, Car)

51-53: Blank EDITABLE labels (lined, not lined and circular)

It costs $6 (roughly €5.40).

You'll also find the days of the week (in English and as Gaeilge) and the calendar set sold separately in the STAR WARS SECTION of my TPT store. Click here to view them!

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