Saturday, 9 April 2016

Do you Kahoot?

Hi there,

Do any of you out there use Kahoot? It's a great FREE site for creating multiple choice quizzes, polls and discussions. One of my friends, a secondary school language teacher, finds it very useful in her classroom for reinforcing new vocabulary.

Your students can then access your quiz using a computer/mobile device (no sign in required - they just create a temporary username and put in a code that you generate just before playing). You can then display the questions on your interactive whiteboard/smart TV and the children respond on their device. The teacher's (and shared) display shows (anonymously) how many people got it right. Afterwards, a teacher can download the results and have a record of this assessment, be it formative or summative.

You can access the (millions) of readily created Kahoot!s or you can invent your own. A great assessment tool could be to ask your students to create their own Kahoot!s.

Here are some examples of ready-made Kahoot!s:
Gaeilge (Torthaí)
Multiplication facts (x9s)
Brian teasers
Famous landmarks
Food groups

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