Saturday 5 March 2016

Book Week Ideas, Displays and Activities

Hi everyone,

I was really inspired by the photos and ideas shared for World Book Day last Wednesday. If you're having Book Week at your school later this year, here are some of my favourite displays/ideas.

If you have any more, please free to add them in the comments!

Shelfie Competition: 
This one was shared on Twitter by Aileen Brennan Nevin (@leenbre). The idea is that the teachers take a photograph of their book shelf. The photos are numbered and the children can enter by guessing which teacher owns which shelf. The first correct entry picked from the entry box could win a prize (ideally a book!).
Image source
Decorate your classroom doors as book covers: 
Get the children to write their own Biff, Chip and Kipper book:
Oxford Reading Tree is hosting a writing competition to celebrate their 30th birthday. The closing date is 30th April 2016. Perhaps you could do this during Book Week. Even if your school is not eligible to enter, why not download the template and do it just for fun! Check out more details about the competition here.

Dress up as your favourite book character:
The Guardian has a gallery of some great costumes from World Book Day 2016. Here are two of my favourites.
Aliens Love Underpants
image source

Willy Wonka
image source

Have the older children read to the younger children:
Pair up the classes and let the older children read to the younger children. This is a lovely one for building confidence as the books will be easy for the older children to read.
image from My Cute Graphics
Create an "Our Favourite Books" corner:
Ask everyone (teacher and children) to bring in their favourite book to keep in school for the week. Create an "our favourite books" corner in the classroom which they can read one another's books during the week.

image source: JPS Books

Invite parents to read to the children:
We have done this in our school and invited parents to read in their native languages even if it's not English. The children love it!
image source: PBS Parents

Make some book marks:
I particularly love these monster/owl ones from Red Ted Art. Click here to view the video tutorial on how to make them.
image source: Red Ted Art

Self/peer-assessment of reading aloud:
Model how to use this self/peer-assessment sheet. Then split your class into pairs and let them assess their own reading and that of their classmates. You can download this sheet for free from Google Drive by clicking here or on the image below.

Display famous quotes from books:
You could create a display board of famous quotes from books. Twinkl has a ready-made pack (see image below) but you could also get the children to choose their own favourite quote to decorate.
image source: Twinkl 

 Carry out an author study:
You could ask older classes to do this individually or you could do it as a whole group activity. Here's a nice (free) graphic organiser from Jessica Lawler.
image source TPT: Jessica Lawler's store

Do a book scavenger hunt:
There are lots of different versions you could do. Here are some examples.
image source: Amanda on Writing (Tumblr)

For older children, this "non-fiction features" scavenger hunt from Buzzing With Ms B is great. Click here to view her blog post about it and download it for free.

image source: Buzzing With Ms. B
This one from Twinkl is based on finding specific words/pictures.

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