Sunday, 7 February 2016

Making rounding more interesting

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We're doing rounding (whole numbers) in maths next week and I've been looking around for some resources that could be used to make it a little more interesting!

Then I came across these from

Rounding to the nearest 10:
Images from

Rounding to the nearest 100:
Images from
I know the children in my class will love these. It's great to see something more interesting than just numbers and arrows!

For anybody who's introducing rounding from the start, I found this video from MathCoachInteractive. I like the way it has the balance that tips to the left or right so the number slides - very visual!

Another great find that I'm going to be using is this rounding to 20 poem number line from Twinkl.
This hundred chart with arrows from could also be a handy visual aid for children:
Image from

If you have any other nice rounding activities that have worked for you, please comment below!

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