Monday, 4 May 2015

Retail therapy in Tiger: The best cure to the Sunday Sads

Hello there,

I hope you're all hanging in there after the bank holiday weekend. Unlike my Irish counterparts, we celebrated Labour Day here with a day off school on Friday. So, in order to avoid the extra dose of the Sunday Sads and as a result of too much craft-searching on Pinterest, I decided to head out to Tiger last night and buy some goodies.

Here's my Tiger haul that only cost me €13. A lot of it may seem unnecessary but any craftaholics out there will understand that there's always a use for ANYTHING!

Mini shopping basket for storage - €4
2 rolls of polkadot ribbon 50m - €2 each
20 adhesive fabric strawberries - €2
2 pens - €1 for 2
Button magnets - €2

I also passed a lovely housey shop called Kasanova on the way. Again, if you regularly read this blog, you'll be aware of my obsession with owls... and if you know me personally, you'll know that I love all things purple. So how could I say no to this purple-trimmed owl storage box for just €3.50! (They have an online store but unfortunately they don't ship outside of Italy.)

So here's my recommendation for you if you feel a dose of the Bank Holiday Blues a-comin' - go buy something that makes you smile!

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