Monday, 26 January 2015

Making the key concepts "alive" in your classroom

A question that has come up in IB training sessions and in online forums from many IB PYP teachers is "How do I introduce/teach the key concepts to young children?" 

It's something that I've found challenging to communicate to the children. I'm focusing on improving this at the moment. In order to do so, I did a very simple thing - I stuck the key concepts to the bottom of the whiteboard. I always write the learning objective(s) on the corner of the board. Now, given the position of the key concepts, I can easily ask the children to identify what concept(s) we are exploring and place it near the objective.

I know this isn't exactly groundbreaking but it was a simple step that made a big difference to me. If you have any other suggestions for helping children to be familiar with the key concepts, please comment below!

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  1. Love the idea!
    I think it's really a good way to explain this notion!