Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Resources for teaching coordinates (freebie included!)

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The children in my class are learning about coordinates this week. I wanted to share with you the visual reminder I use to help to remember the order of the numbers in the brackets. I use the phrase "We crawl before we climb" and the children can then visualise a baby crawling along the x-axis and (as they grow up) learn to climb a tree vertically along the y-axis.

Just click here or on the image below to download the poster from Google Drive.

I'm very lucky that my school has a 1:1 iPad programme. We've used the following apps in class. 
Maths Attack Vol 2. - This one was great as an introduction. They give you coordinates and you move the butterfly to the correct position to feed it.
Coordinate Pics - This one has options for plotting points in one quadrant or in four. As you touch the points it creates a picture which becomes animated when completed. Here's a pic of it being used in my classroom.

There are some fantastic coordinate picture worksheets on SuperTeacherWorksheets (members only!) and Maths-Aids (4 quadrants only but free for all!). My favourite one of all is this Minion coordinate picture from TES.

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