Thursday, 30 October 2014

8 things that happen to teachers during the October midterm break

1. You forget about Bank Holiday Monday because other people's glorious "long weekend" is a drop in the ocean next to your full week off!

2. You try to relax and realised that you don't remember how.

3. You let the adrenaline rush that kept you going through the last weeks of school wash out of your system when, BAM, that common cold hits you. Tissues at the ready!
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4. Home-bound due to that cold, you wrap yourself up on the couch and catch up on an entire series of a TV programme in one day. Congratulations, you've remembered how to relax!
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5. You annoy friends in other jobs about meeting up until they remind you that they are NOT ON HOLIDAYS! This leads you to take up a three-day long hobby such as knitting or sketching. You swear you'll make time for this when school begins again. (You won't!)
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6. The weekend arrives and you don that Halloween costume for the second time. Nobody is surprised or impressed as they've seen your "look what I wore to school" selfies from the Halloween party at work.

7. Tired after Halloween festivities with friends and having become the king/queen of procrastination, you realise that it's Sunday and it's time to do all of that work you vowed to do over the holidays.
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8. Having finished a fraction of the work you had intended to do, you crawl into bed late on Sunday night, ready to be as exhausted on Monday as you were before the midterm break.
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