Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Back to School Freebies 2017

Hi all,

Here at A Crucial Week lots of free resources have been shared over the years. Here are some of my favourite back to school freebies for you to download!


As posted about last month, here is an editable international events calendar to help you to get organised!

I've used these parent reminder sheets the last two years and many parents have said that they find them very useful. This editable file contains 6 different colour versions of two different styles. If you don't want to waste ink printing them, you can always just save it as a PDF and email the file to the parents.

These question word posters allow for the children to help to create the classroom decor (which means a free lesson idea too!). I got the children in my class to write answers to each question in the blank space. You could also ask your students to write examples of questions that have the given word.

These welcome posters are available for free in my TPT store as Gaeilge or in English.

These WALT and WILF posters are great for sticking on your board to share lesson objectives or assessment criteria.

This poster is for a behaviour management technique that we have used for a number of years at my school. Each child's name is put in a cup. Every break time, you choose a name and secretly watch that child in the line. If they behave well, they get to put a star on a chart. If not, we don't tell them who the secret walker was but we explain why that person didn't get a star. I usually print the children's names on an A3 sheet to make the star chart and put the above poster on top.

A handy back to school/early finisher game that can be done individually or in small groups is Boggle. We often do it as a whole group activity in my classroom and try to beat our record. This version involves using bottle tops to make the letters. Read about how I use it and get the freebie in my blog post about it.

Want your class to love you instantly? Allow them to use fidget spinners in class, guided by these station cards. (If you're ready for this at the start of the school year, I commend you!)

When the children are doing collaborative tasks at the start of the school year, get them into the habit of reflecting on their behaviour. Here is a free reflection sheet to assess their peers. 

And here are some posters as Gaeilge from long, long ago!

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