Wednesday, 19 April 2017

PYP Exhibition Journal Printables

Hello there,

I've really enjoyed being an exhibition mentor for the first time this year. I was inspired to create an exhibition journal pack to share with other PYP teachers. In it are lots of templates that the students can use to build their exhibition reflection book. Of course I couldn't resist creating these gorgeous (if I do say so myself!) cover sheets. 

Aside from cover sheets, here are some of the more practical resources in the pack:

  • Weekly reflection templates
  • An overall reflection template (including a Learner Profile self-assessment)
  • A mentor meeting template
  • A calendar template (for any month/year)
  • Suggestions for how to break down the central idea
  • A unit overview
  • Prompts for creating relevant questions
  • An interview record sheet
  • A presentation planner
  • A bibliography template
  • A blank page (to insert where necessary)
  • and lots more!

There are dividers for each section - (Identifying issues to be investigated, Defining the central idea and lines of inquiry, Researching and planning the inquiry, Taking action and Planning the presentation)

The pack costs just $4US and is available in my TPT store.

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