Friday, 24 August 2012

How I plan on decorating my classroom FOR FREE

I've been getting a few bits and bobs ready for the new school year. I've spent hours ogling over some amazingly decorated classrooms. Here are some free materials for displays that I'm planning on putting in my room. (Obviously, free to me doesn't include the cost of paper and laminating sheets!)

1. Birthday months display: 

I got these cute party hats from Jennifer Squires' TPT store and changed the font to black and Comic Sans MS.

2. My own question prompt posters:

3. Footprint number line:

I plan on sticking this number line on the ground for maths activities. I downloaded this for free from Twinkl.

4. Clock labels:

I got these clock minute labels from the incredible Amy Lemons (Step into Second Grade). Click here to download in Google Docs.

5. My I.B. learner profile posters

These outline the 10 aspects of learners in the I.B. programme with brief, simple descriptions on each. You can download the whole display, heading included for free here.

6. Rockstar themed clip chart

Abby at The Inspired Apple has made this AMAZING rockstar-themed clip chart. It's a really visual classroom management tool. You can download the labels here and an explanation of how it works here. She also has loads of rockstar-themed signs here. 


I still haven't decided if I'm going to use the following resource this year. I think the maths language may be a bit too challenging for the age-level I'm teaching. Anyway, I couldn't resist sharing it as it's an absolute gem!

These are alphabet posters but all of the examples are maths vocabulary, making them less baby-ish and suitable for older age levels. They're really bright and colourful and the clipart is really child-friendly and cutesy. A huge word of thanks to Bridget Clabby (Little Lovely Leaders) for designing and sharing these for free here.


For more free resources for decorating your classroom prior to term, have a visit to my Classroom Décor FREEBIE linky party.


  1. I love that you are going to decorate for free! Awesome!

  2. I'm sorry that I missed your linky party. I'm originally from Ireland. I grew up in a town in County Wexford, married a Gorey man and moved to America. I'm so jealous that you're going to teach in Italy. It sounds like a really good move for you. My niece recently graduated at a teacher. Her name is Ann-Marie Connolly. Maybe you know her. I just changed grade and am now teaching 8 years old. Good luck with your new job.



  3. Sharon, you certainly haven't missed the linky party. It's still open for submissions until after the end of this school year.

    Unfortunately, I don't know your niece. How long have you been living in America?

  4. Almost 25 years but I miss home all the time.