Saturday, 10 December 2011

Free downloads: Boggle board and target board

I put very simple Boggle and target boards on the whiteboard in my classroom for early finishers to use. I tried using a "busy folder" but I found that there was too much movement in the classroom and it was a massive waste of paper. Now the children have "busy copybooks" in which they can use the target/Boggle board to their hearts' content!

Here is the target board. Just download, print and laminate. Then write on it with a whiteboard marker and change the numbers each week.

Here are the letters and heading for the Boggle board if you want to download them. I printed the heading on coloured paper and printed, laminated and cut the letters. I put velcro squares on the letters so I can change them easily.

As you can see, my Boggle board is shamefully boring. I'm sure it could be made a lot more pretty so I'll leave it to your own creative devices to make it more aesthetically pl

Here is a fantastic sheet for the children to use (especially if they have a "busy folder" for early finishers) that I found on Create Teach Share. You could write your own letters onto this sheet and photocopy if you have an emergency substitute folder. 

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  1. Thank you for sharing these. I was wondering how to play the target game? I've never heard of it before.

  2. The target game is simple to play. You put a number in the dotted target box. Then write 9 numbers in the grid. The children have to write down as many ways as possible of finding the target number. You can only use a number on the grid once.

    I left this on the board for a full week. This was one of the early finishers' activities. (They had a "busy copy" on the table where they could do activities such as this.)