Friday, 18 November 2011

Space-themed reward chart

I created this behaviour management token chart for teachers with space-obsessed children in their class.

It outlines appropriate behaviours for which they can earn tokens. There is also a sheet for goal-setting on Monday where the child and teacher can record their goal (how many tokens they aim to earn that week in order to get a reward) and specify what the reward will be on Friday. There is also a reflection sheet to be filled in by the child on Friday, listing what they did well and how they can improve.

I hope this is useful!

Click here or on the image below to view in Google Docs.

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  1. Hi, I love reading your blog! So often the blogs are fantastic but not always relevant to Irish schools, so I find yours great! I would love a bit of help with my own though! How do you create a button with a picture that is a link? Like the one you have at the top left hand corner of your blog? And also, I wanted to put your button, as a link to your blog, on my page...can't figure out how to at all! Any help appreciated :)